What you see below is my heart...A visual realization of the collaboration of meditation & prayer with music & art, blending primarily epoxy and acrylics with the elements: earth, air, fire, water, metal, and spirit.

As you roam about, play in your imagination...as with everything in art and music, we all see and feel things so uniquely different.  I do not typically sign the front of the my pieces because so many could be hung any way you like.   

I believe every piece has it's perfect home.  But as you wander, think about color, texture, mediums, and of course especially orientation.  If something pops in your head (anything at all) feel free to reach out.  Maybe we can play and collaborate together and I can custom create something especially for you from your heart, soul, and imagination.  If an item is no longer available, do not despair, I could more than likely recreate something in the same style.  

Thanks so much for sharing this with me... William

The Space Between